The Ice Age Flood

Grand Coulee Dam,
Channeled Scablands,
Dry Falls

Travel through Eastern Washington’s rich farm country on the way to Grand Coulee Dam. Along the way, learn about the Ice Age Flood and see its path with the rolling hills of the Palouse; once a river bed and the Channeled Scablands; a great example of how the Great Flood carved its’ way toward the Pacific Ocean. At Grand Coulee Dam, start with a tour of the Visitor Center then drive over the top of the dam and tour inside. After lunch in Grand Coulee, travel to the amazing Dry Falls, the skeleton remains of the Great Flood and one of the greatest waterfalls in geological history. By comparison, Niagara Falls would be dwarfed by Dry Falls.

Time: 8 ½ hours.

Grand Coulee Dam