Jet Boating

through Hell’s Canyon

Travel to Clarkston, WA for a narrated Jet Boat ride on the Snake River. The trip will take you into Hell’s Canyon, the deepest gorge in the United States, deeper than the Grand Canyon! Along the way, see ancient petroglyphs left by the Native Americans who lived in the canyon hundreds of years ago. There’s also a good view of the layers of basalt with interesting rock formations made by the lava floods that covered eastern Washington millions of years ago and an area where prospectors tried to mine limestone years ago. Look for great blue heron, ducks, deer and big horn sheep. The boat goes right over the top of rapids often passing rafters coming down the river. There are intermittent stops along the way including a continental breakfast, boxed lunch stop and historical walking tour at Kirkwood Ranch and Museum. Return to Spokane in the evening.

Time: 12 hours (shorter tours also available).




Kirkwood Ranch and Museum