Fur Traders and the

Spokane Indian Tribe

Visit several sites important to the Spokane Indian Tribe that lived in the Valley by the River for centuries. Learn about the early fur traders and their relationship with the Spokane area Native American Tribes. Your tour starts downtown, where noted poet Sherman Alexi composed a narrative of the legend the grandmothers told about the trickster, “Coyote”, the Salmon, and the Falls on the Spokane River. Walk the engraved circle story on the grounds of Overlook Park. Stop at Drumheller Springs Park and view the results of natural geological events that shaped this area and helped form the characteristic basalt rock, springs, and deep hillside steppes. Learn about the visits of the Spokane Indians to this spot and the notable Chief Spokane Garry whose school was located here. Tour The Spokane House Interpretive Center and learn about this historic fur trading post, the first permanent white settlement in Washington State, constructed in 1810. See their video relating stories about lives of the Spokane Indians and the first European people, the fur traders, to meet them and live among them. Sit down for a picnic box lunch and imagine what life was like here in the early 1800’s. Finally, see The Indian Painted Rocks located in a shallow overhang that protects the art from the weather. It is part of the Little Spokane River Natural Area. It is one of the best historic treasures in Spokane.

Time: 4 hours.