Scavenger Hunt

in Downtown Spokane

Our most popular team building event. Below is the format we follow as a team building event.


  • Welcome: Start with welcome and instructions at a local restaurant or bar. Divide group into teams, then pass out materials, go over guidelines and the time frame for the program.
  • Team Pride: Each team must elect a team captain and person that will take all the photos (can be the same person), then create a team name and slogan which represents their commitment to success and teamwork. Points for the best name! Team will then go over materials and plan their strategy.
  • The Hunt – 60 – 90 minutes, involves:
    Photo Missions: Team members taking photos of themselves at locations they must find, and then challenged to do something at the location (like everyone jumping in the air as shown here).
    Landmarks/ Businesses: Each team will need to find to 8 – 10 places through word games and pick something up.
    Trivia: Members have to answer questions about Spokane and if they don’t know, will need to ask “the man on the street”.
  • Rendezvous: End at a winery, restaurant or bar to tally scores and enjoy some drinks and food. We make a big deal of the winners and award them silly prizes.

Challenge: Capture your team jumping in the air at location

Challenge: Take a crazy photo at the Big Red Wagon

"We had a blast—what an amazing way to see this city!"


Tourism Professional of the Year finalist

Visit Spokane

First Impression Award, Harla Jean Biever

Spokane Convention
and Visitors Bureau

(now Visit Spokane)


On the Move Award for innovative tour programs and customer service

Spokane Convention
and Visitors Bureau

(now Visit Spokane)

Small Business of the Year

Spokane Area
Chamber of Commerce

(now Greater Spokane, Inc)