Scavenger Hunt

in Downtown Spokane

Our most popular team building event. Below is the format we follow as a team building event.


  • Welcome: Start with welcome and instructions at a local restaurant or bar. Divide group into teams, then pass out materials, go over guidelines and the time frame for the program.
  • Team Pride: Each team must elect a team captain and person that will take all the photos (can be the same person), then create a team name and slogan which represents their commitment to success and teamwork. Points for the best name! Team will then go over materials and plan their strategy.
  • The Hunt – 60 – 90 minutes, involves:
    Photo Missions: Team members taking photos of themselves at locations they must find, and then challenged to do something at the location (like everyone jumping in the air as shown here).
    Landmarks/ Businesses: Each team will need to find to 8 – 10 places through word games and pick something up.
    Trivia: Members have to answer questions about Spokane and if they don’t know, will need to ask “the man on the street”.
  • Rendezvous: End at a winery, restaurant or bar to tally scores and enjoy some drinks and food. We make a big deal of the winners and award them silly prizes.

Challenge: Capture your team jumping in the air at location

Challenge: Take a crazy photo at the Big Red Wagon

"We had a blast—what an amazing way to see this city!"